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Welcome to Carlton Legal Services. Are you searching for bankruptcy attorneys in Harrisonburg VA, Staunton VA, Waynesboro VA, or Lexington VA? Bankruptcy is our firm’s only area of practice. Bankruptcy is the most powerful solution to debt and the only debt removal tool provided by federal law that entirely removes debt and provides a fresh start. For many clients, bankruptcy offers a solution after many other debt strategies and other programs have failed.

As seasoned bankruptcy attorneys, we understand that there are many circumstances which can lead to bankruptcy that have nothing to do with overspending or financial irresponsibility. In most cases, the financial problems are beyond control of the individual. We are here to provide protection for our clients from the harassment, threats and vicious nature of many debt collectors with no judgment.

The most commonly used types of bankruptcy are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Chapter 7 provides a fresh start and debt elimination for people with limited equity or high value assets. People with nothing left over after paying living expenses often choose this type of bankruptcy. Chapter 13 is debt reorganization. The debts are adjusted to meet the individual’s ability to pay, but eventually the debts are paid.

Our bankruptcy attorneys can advise you of your rights under the US Bankruptcy Code and determine which type of bankruptcy is the best solution to your financial problems. We offer a free initial bankruptcy consultation to our potential clients in Harrisonburg VA, Staunton VA, Waynesboro VA, and Lexington VA. Browse our website to learn more about our firm and legal services. Contact us to schedule your free consultation.

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