Aggressive Driving

By: Melissa Reynolds
By: Melissa Reynolds

That's the biggest problem-people don't know what aggressive driving is. Surprisingly, it's pretty much everything from road rage to rolling through stop signs.

A light in Harrisonburg turns yellow...and 3 drivers sail through.

"You see people who's in a hurry who want to get from point A to point B quicker," Sgt. Jerry Roy.

If that's you-you're not an aggressive driver yet, but police say you're definitely on the way...other signs? not coming to complete stops at stop signs, tailgating, becoming impatient with slow drivers and Harrisonburg's biggest problem?

"Weaving in and out of traffic on East Market street, Main and High street," Sgt. Roy says.

"I've had people do me like that and cut me off and do nasty things because we were driving in a civil manner and obeying the law," Margaret Whetzel says.

That's not going to fly anymore...flashing your lights, blowing your horn and making hand gestures also fall under then new aggressive driving code. It could get you a thousand dollar fine and up to 6 months in jail, but that's not always the case.

"If I feel like they've done it in an aggressive manor stop and talk to them they might not get a ticket, but make em aware of the situation," Sgt. Roy says.

"Jail time seems a little rough, but I think sometimes it's necessary it's really scary people just going way too fast or curivng in and out or honking their horn a little to much it makes it harder to concentrate," Benjamin Travis says.

"His idea of how close someone is and my idea of how close someone is-is really different," Andrew Russo says.

Now, both of them will be adhering to the same law

The law will take effect on Monday July 1st and it's only for the state of Virginia.

It's one of 800 new laws taking effect Monday.

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