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Monthly averages for the Harrisonburg/Rockingham county area. Average monthly precipitation totals are shown in green, and record monthly precipitation totals are shown in the blue.


Average High/Low Temperatures: Harrisonburg/Rockingham County

Record High and Low Temperatures

An interesting look at some of the monthly records. The record high temperature recorded for a month, with the record low temperature.

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Average number of days where the high temperature was below 32 degrees. This gives a yearly average of 14 days.

Most areas in the Valley, on average, see around 20" of snow per year.

Take a look at the extremes.

Highland county, sees about double what most areas see.

Of course the snowiest place in our of our area would be western Grant county. A yearly average of over 100" of snow for Bayard! 

  Average Monthly Snowfall for Harrisonburg/Rockingham County

❄ ❄ ❄ Record Snowfall ❄ ❄ ❄

This is a look at record monthly snowfall amounts.

The highest recorded snowfall in a month was 38.5" of snow. That was in January of1918.
The blue is the record for the month, the gold is the 2nd highest recorded snowfall for that month.

One of our most recent storms the Halloween storm, or Snow-tober storm of 2011 was the second highest snowfall for that month.

A rare occurrence for an October snow.

Earliest snowfall recorded is also the record for the month, on October 10th, 1979.

Latest Snowfall is April 27th, 1928 with 6" of snow.

❄ ❄ Snowiest Winters ❄ ❄

A look at some of the top ten snowiest winters. This is for the Harrisonburg/Rockingham county area. Not every area may have seen snowfall like this. But what's interesting is that a few of the top snowiest years have happened in the last 10-15 years decade.


According to the Storm Prediction Center in Norman Oklahoma, our "severe weather season" is from April to August. That is thunderstorm, damaging wind threat, and tornado threat.

The top graphic depicts our highest tornado probability, which is in June. At our peak, our highest tornado probability is only a 20%.

The bottom graphic depicts ANY severe weather probability. So with our severe weather season lasting from April-August, the month with the greatest chance of severe weather is in June, and that typically lasts through the beginning of July. At our peak, severe weather is at a 40% chance in our area, with even less of a chance in Highlan county.

Tornadoes are not all that common in the Valley, but they do happen. Here is a look at the number of confirmed tornadoes in our area since 1921. This gives a total of 36 tornadoes confirmed in our area since 1921.

Keep in mind there may have been tornadoes in the early 1900s, but if there was no one around to see it, then it wasn't reported.

As population in the area grows, (and with the use of doppler radar) the more tornadoes are reported and confirmed.

A Breakdown of tornadoes reported/confirmed per county.
Source: National Weather Service



















Average number of days where the high temperature exceeds 90 degrees. This gives a yearly average of 22 days.


 Area Numbers



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