Valley girl is cancer free after five years of treatments

"Just knowing that she is cancer's just amazing," said Stephanie Rucker, Lexi's mother.
Published: Jul. 13, 2020 at 8:41 AM EDT
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We've told you the courageous story of Lexi Rucker, a nine-year-old Valley girl who has fought leukemia for five years. After years of endless treatments, and even donating their lives to the cause, Lexi is officially cancer free.

"It was my birthday and that was the only present I'd ever want," said Tim Rucker, Lexi's father.

"We had asked, 'When will she be cancer free?'. Her doctor said, 'If she does not have any problems, it will be 5 years till the date of her transplant. So June 26, 2015 was the date of her transplant and we kind of had it in our heads June 26, 2020 is the day we can celebrate," said Stephanie Rucker, Lexi's mother.

Lexi says after finding out the news, she was too happy for words.

Lexi's parents, Stephanie and Tim Rucker, say even though Lexi is cancer free they will continue to support and help those affected by childhood cancer.

“It’s changed our world...and it’s changed the way we think,” said Stephanie Rucker.

Over the past five years, the Ruckers have raised thousands of dollars for the cause.

Lexi's journey is one many around the valley have followed and supported.

“I don’t think we would have gotten that support in another bigger city. Shenandoah and Page County really rallied around us, and even Harrisonburg,” said Stephanie Rucker.

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