Gift and Thrift reunites cat with owner after accidental donation

Published: Aug. 14, 2020 at 9:45 PM EDT
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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) - Gift and Thrift in Harrisonburg received a frantic phone call from one woman earlier this week asking for help finding her cat, Brody.

Hours after dropping off donations at the thrift store, Pat Byrd, Brody’s owner, said she couldn’t find Brody anywhere, and she was certain that the curious cat climbed into one of the donation bags she had dropped off earlier Tuesday morning.

“We know that Brody likes to hide, but never thought that he would get in the bag,” Bryd said. “I just started crying and said I have to call Gift and Thrift. They were so gracious.”

Sue Nelson, the executive director of Gift and Thrift, said after speaking with Bryd, staff members got to work searching through Tuesday’s donations.

“We had to receive probably about 15 gaylords of donations [on Tuesday],” Nelson said. “We just started pulling them down one by one, and four or five [staff members] just kept pulling things off the top.”

Nelson said Brody didn’t make a peep while they were searching, but finally, after searching through nearly ten donation bins, “a miracle.” Staff members found the missing cat.

“You can’t believe the way we felt when we got that call saying, ‘We have Brody, Brody is alive, and he’s okay.’ It was from one end of the spectrum to being just heartbroken to the other end of just couldn’t believe it,” Bryd said.

After hours in the bin and many items placed on top of Bryd’s donation bags, the Bryd family and Gift and Thrift staff members weren’t sure what they would find, but Bryd said her prayers were answered.

Pat and Irv Bryd said after Brody’s Gift and Thrift adventure, they will now double-check every bag that leaves their house.

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