RV sales increase during COVID-19 pandemic

The RV Center is about 75% down in inventory compared to other Summers, and the demand continues.
Published: Aug. 17, 2020 at 11:45 AM EDT
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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — With many traditional summer beach vacations out of the question this year, a lot of families have turned to camping and road trips in RV’s as a safe way to have fun during the pandemic.

“You’re there with your family, you have your own restroom, your own food, there’s social distancing at the campground... it’s as close as you can get to a good vacation,” general manager at Charlie Obaugh RV Center, Ben Puckett, said.

As many in the area have been trying to utilize the great outdoors that the Shenandoah Valley provides, Puckett says things at the Center have been very busy this summer.

From an increase in RV services to about a 45% increase in sales, Puckett describes this trying time as a business as, “A good - bad problem to have. We usually have anywhere from 120 to 140 RVs on the lot, and right now we’ve got 2 used ones and maybe 40 total units.”

The RV Center is about 75% down in inventory compared to other summers, and the demand continues, as not just experienced RV owners are coming in, but a lot of first-time owners are coming to buy.

Puckett says the RV Center normally gets its new models of RVs in during June and July, but with the manufacturers being closed during the beginning of the pandemic, they have only gotten about 12 of the newest models, and have already sold around six of them.

Puckett says for new owners, Charlie Obaugh RV Center takes them through everything they need to know before leaving the lot, from every button inside, to training on how to back it up to your vehicle. In the past few years, Puckett says it has become very common to have everything you need to do with your RV to be controlled through an app on your phone, making things very simple for first-time owners. But still, there is a lot to consider when buying an RV; they are a lot of weight and are much different to drive than a regular car because of their length.

If you are interested in buying an RV for your next family adventure, Puckett says to stop in at the RV Center in Staunton to learn everything you need to know before buying.

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