Updated re-entry plan for West Virginia Schools released

Published: Sep. 6, 2020 at 8:57 PM EDT
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WEST VIRGINIA (WHSV) - Heath and school officials have released the updated school re-entry plan and color-coded map.

The state is broken up into four colors: red, orange, yellow and green. Each color has a different approach to getting students back to school. As of now, Grant, Hardy and Pendleton counties are set to start with in-person instruction.

Counties that are in red will begin with remote learning and no extracurricular practices or competitions are allowed.

Those in orange counties will begin with remote learning, extracurricular practices are allowed, but no competitions.

Yellow counties will start with in-person instruction with extracurricular practices and competitions permitted. But, face coverings are required at all times for grades 6 and above.

Green counties will have in-person instruction, both extracurricular practices and competitions, and face masks are required in certain situations.

Right now, Grant and Hardy county are in yellow and Pendleton county is in green. The only reason these counties would transition to remote learning is if they become red.

Colors are decided based on what is safe for that county.

“We know that community spread is the number one culprit and the number one indicator of what is healthy and what is safe,” State Superintendent Clayton Burch said.

Only one county in the state will begin in red, but if a county must move to red, there are plans in place.

“All of them have a contingency plan, what it will look like, how they’ll communicate it, even down to how they’ll continue feeding students if they have to go remote,” Superintendent Burch said.

Superintendent Burch and Vice President of the State Board of Education, Tom Campbell, hope to see all students back in-person soon.

“The goal is, let’s get as many counties down to that green or yellow and get these children back to school,” Superintendent Burch said. “But, it’s up to the individuals out in West Virginia to make that happen,” Vice President Campbell said.

Every Saturday at 9 p.m. the map will be published with the plans for counties for that week.

There is also a daily map at the Department of Health and Human Resources website with updates as well.

For more information on the re-entry plans, you can go to the West Virginia Department of Education website.

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