New grab-and-go style food business opens in Bridgewater

The space in North River Marketplace, is now known as Your Dinner.
Published: Sep. 10, 2020 at 6:41 PM EDT
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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) - About nine years ago, Diane Roll has the idea while working with her already successful “Mama’s Caboose” food truck, of preparing family meals for customers. But as time went on, and the food truck business got busier, the meal idea got pushed aside.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, Roll started selling freshly prepared family meals through her restaurant, the Dayton Tavern, and it quickly became very popular, giving Roll an idea.

“It was just like you know what, let’s just turn this into a regular business," Roll said. "It was my original intent nine or 10 years ago, and we already rented this space here to do all of our catering.”

The space Roll already owned in North River Marketplace on Main Street, is now known as Your Dinner, a grab-and-go style lunch and dinner food business.

“It’s all about convenience, and helping the local people, busy moms, students, the elderly people in the area," Patti Atkins, Your Dinner’s Front End Manager, said. "They don’t have time to cook, they don’t want to cook.”

Your Dinner offers everything from fresh soups, salads and sandwiches, to pre-made dinners which you can take home to heat up.

“Or, if you feel like you can make some of your own sides, we have all of your protein like meatloaf, chicken, salmon and pulled pork everyday," Roll said. "So you can build your dinner or you can have your dinner already made.”

Your Dinner also shares the space with two other businesses.

“We will have gourmet popcorn from PrePOPsterous, and we also have produce from Radella’s where she grows all of her produce, cans it, and we have all of that here as well,” said Roll, continuing by saying Your Dinner uses a lot of Radella’s fresh ingredients in their meals.

Both Roll and Atkins say the hope is to be to go-to spot in town for a convenient and quality grab-and-go meal.

“You’ve always got time for Your Dinner, so come on down and see us,” Atkins said.

More information, including food and meal options, can be found on Your Dinner’s website:

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