Local petting zoo protects animals and people from COVID-19

Published: Oct. 9, 2020 at 6:09 PM EDT
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EDINBURG, Va. (WHSV) — The family-owned Heavenly Heart Farm and Mini Petting Zoo in Edinburg hasn’t seen as much business during the pandemic. They say it has picked back up and that they have taken precautions to keep people and animals safe.

“When it first became a thing, we mostly had them sanitize before they would touch the animals cause the animals can get the virus also," said Angelina Funkhouser, the owner of the petting zoo. "And that’s to keep them safe and the people from spreading it to others.”

Social distancing is also enforced. “If we do have larger groups, some of them would stay over there where the donkey is and the turkeys. And then another little group would be over here where the horses are, and they would switch. Rotate around," said Jeanie Funkhouser, another petting zoo owner.

When the petting zoo travels, Jeanie Funkhouser says they go above and beyond.

“We go out that extra mile for the animals. We do try to give them a bath, make sure they’re nice and clean before we take them out anywhere. A lot of petting zoos don’t do that, you know they just load them up and take them.”

Jeanie Funkhouser says that people actually get to touch the animals and be in with them instead of petting them through a fence. All the animals in the petting zoo are rescues.

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