Staunton City Council to have a special meeting to hear from the public on the Second Amendment

Published: Oct. 8, 2020 at 11:23 PM EDT
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STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV) - The Staunton City Council voted 4-3 to have a special public meeting for people voice their concerns about Staunton becoming a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

Various cities and counties have deemed themselves Second Amendment sanctuary cities, making it clear they will not use public funds to restrict Second Amendment rights.

Back in January, the then Councilwoman Andrea Oakes, raised a motion to have a similar meeting and councilmembers voted against that 6-1. The previous council also voted 4-3 to keep the issue off of future agendas.

But since then Staunton voters elected some new members to the council.

Councilwoman Amy Darby requested it be brought up again tonight.

“I think that it is obviously a topic of discussion that brings out passion on both, those who support and those who have concerns. I would like to hear from all of our citizens in a public hearing style format,” Darby explained.

Three members were not in favor of the meeting including Councilwoman Brenda Mead, who expressed her concern to councilmembers in favor, for the hundreds of people who have already signed a petition against the matter.

“I really do think those folks feelings should be known and heard as being opposed to being a Second Amendment sanctuary city. But I will say if ultimately, that is your intention again, lets just save the taxpayer some money, our staff some trouble, save the potential for a COVID-19 hotspot and bring it to the next meeting as an agenda item and vote on it,” Mead explained.

In an interview Thursday afternoon, Mead said she was against the idea earlier this year and still is now.

“I will not support a Second Amendment city resolution. As I said before I pledged an oath to support the Constitution of the commonwealth of Virginia and I will do that,” Mead explained.

Mayor Oakes voted to have the special meeting and said it is an opportunity to listen to the people.

“Everything will be considered, absolutely everybody’s voice will be heard.” Mayor Oakes said.

The meeting is expected to happen by the end of October. Depending on schedules and consultations with Staunton City Schools superintendent, Dr. Garett Smith, the meeting may take place at Staunton High School.

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