Waynesboro Kindergarteners to return to in-person learning Oct. 19

Published: Oct. 14, 2020 at 3:24 PM EDT
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WAYNESBORO, Va. (WHSV) — Kindergarteners in Waynesboro will soon have the opportunity to be back in the classroom, five days a week, starting Monday, Oct. 19.

Families can still choose to continue with the virtual-only model.

Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey Cassell said about 70 percent of families in the district have opted to come back. There will be teachers who are dedicated to only teaching the virtual students, rather than having to teach both in-person and online.

“Our teachers have done a good job with virtual learning, and many of them, in fact, most of them, have done a really good job. Some are more comfortable with that than others,” Dr. Cassell said.

While virtual learning is going well, Dr. Cassell said there is a need to have students back in the building.

“Much more effective to have in-person instruction, but it’s also meeting the social and emotional needs of our students who need support other than just academic support,” Dr. Cassell said.

Spacing along with limited personnel and resources are two challenging factors with bringing more students back into the building, but they are doing their best to accommodate as many students and families as possible.

The school district is working on a plan to have more elementary students back in the building on a hybrid model. There is no date for their return is set just yet, but the school district is hoping for the second semester at the latest.

“We’re having conversations and even visits with schools who are doing hybrid models and different versions of that hybrid model... And we have not finalized that plan yet for what we believe that best fits us. It may or may not look like the hybrid model of Augusta County,” Dr. Cassell said.

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