Wounded warrior challenges Virginia Sen. Mark Warner

Published: Oct. 29, 2020 at 9:41 AM EDT
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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Democratic incumbent Senator Mark Warner is running against political newcomer, Republican Daniel Gade, in this year’s Virginia Senate race. While all the major polling institutions strongly favor Warner to win this race, Gade says he still thinks he has a chance.

“The idea of a career politician, is just – people hate that and they love the idea of a career servant," said Gade.

Gade is a decorated combat veteran, a professor at American University, and now running for political office for the first time against Warner.

Gade, a West Point graduate and retired Lieutenant Colonel, lost his right leg while deployed in Iraq. Gade says that hasn’t stopped him from serving his country.

“I’m ready to do this work," said Gade, "and so we’re seeing the polling go from impossible to absolutely achievable.”

Gade presents himself as a moderate Republican with fresh ideas.

“Mark has moved to the left and to the left and to the left and in line with his party and that’s not where Virginia is," said Gade.

Warner, an entrepreneur-turned-politician, and former Virginia governor says Gade has misrepresented his record throughout this race.

“I think Virginians, what I’m counting on, and what I’m proud of – is they know me as somebody who is a problem-solver, who puts Virginia first and always worked in a bipartisan way," said Warner.

Warner touts that 55 of his bills have become law, including the Great American Outdoors Act, a recently-approved historic investment in National Parks. Now Warner is pushing the Trump administration to prioritize Virginia’s overdue maintenance projects, especially in the Shenandoah Valley.

“Virginia, which had the third largest backlog, needs to get our fair share and I’m still very optimistic we’re going to get that and get some of this funding out, hopefully get that out before the end of the year," said Warner.

Gade says if elected, he would only seek two terms. He also supports a constitutional amendment to put in place term limits for members of Congress.

Warner says elections are effectively term limits and it’s up to the voters to decide who stays in office. Warner is seeking his term term in the Senate.

According to the non-partisan RealClearPolitics - which tracks polling on key races - Warner is ahead by at least 15 points.

But, Gade’s campaign says their internal polling shows the race tightening and a difference between the two candidates could be within the single digits.

A recent CNU poll puts Warner ahead by 20 points, while a recent Washington Post poll estimates Warner is leading by 18 points.

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