Police remind residents and students to secure property before traveling for holidays

Published: Nov. 20, 2020 at 5:41 PM EST
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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — As students head out of town this weekend for Thanksgiving break and residents travel for the holidays, the Harrisonburg Police Department asks you to make sure everything is locked up.

Sgt. Scott Drugo with the Harrisonburg Police Department said oftentimes, homes that appear to have no one living in them are a prime target for criminals, especially around the holidays.

He said around this time each year, a primary reason criminals are able to get into homes is through a door or window that was left unlocked. The police department would like you to check every window and leave a light on inside with a timer if possible.

They also recommend residents ask a neighbor to pick up their mail, hide valuable items, take in trash cans and track packages to make sure a package does not arrive when you’re not home.

“We do run into a lot of porch pirates in this part of the season,” Sgt. Drugo said. “So we tell people to have packages delivered when you’re home, maybe to your work. If you’re going to be away and you haven’t gotten that package yet, alert a neighbor, let the neighbors know.”

Sgt. Drugo said during this time of year, the police department ups its patrols around apartment complexes and residential areas. He said because of the coronavirus pandemic, they’re expecting fewer people to travel this holiday season, but will continue to patrol as if it was any other year.

If you are away from your home and concerned at any time, you can call the Harrisonburg Police Department to check it out.

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