Grant County in red category, pushes school online

Schools have been moved online due to the rise in cases in the area.
Schools have been moved online due to the rise in cases in the area.(WHSV)
Published: Dec. 7, 2020 at 6:14 PM EST
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GRANT COUNTY, WV. (WHSV) — In West Virginia, Grant County is in the red category for coronavirus cases after infection rates drastically increased in the area. Now, there will be no in-person instruction this week.

Grant County Superintendent Doug Lambert says he cannot speak about the infection rate among students, but about 26 of 225 staff members in the county have the virus or have been exposed.

He says the staff members are in quarantine, but they cannot make an informed decision on the future of instruction until the spread decreases.

“We all know nothing beats in-person instruction. Hands down, a teacher in front of the classroom is the best and most efficient way to educate our kids,” Lambert said. “Now that being said, we’re better prepared now in regards to putting lessons, academic work and so forth out to our students.”

Lambert says they are better prepared for online learning now than they were in the spring, but there are still obstacles like broadband access and lack of devices.

He says he hopes to have hotspots throughout the county up and running soon.

“Kids can go, and with devices, upload lessons and/or download,” Lambert said. “That has been probably one of the biggest obstacles, is the lack of, let’s just call it adequate broadband capacity to do what needs to be done with learning over the internet.”

Lambert says he will re-evaluate switching back to in-person learning once cases start to decline.

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