Two Staunton nursing homes deal with ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks

Published: Jan. 15, 2021 at 5:47 PM EST
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STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV) — Two skilled-nursing centers in Staunton are among some of the most severely affected nursing homes in Virginia when it comes to COVID-19.

King’s Daughters Community Health and Rehabilitation Center and Envoy of Staunton, both of which are Consulate Health Care facilities, are dealing with ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks.

Those infections have led to more than 30 deaths between the two facilities.

“From the beginning of this pandemic long-term care facilities have been particularly impacted by COVID-19,” Tammie Smith, Public Relations Coordinator for the Virginia Department of Health, said.

A COVID-19 Outbreaks by Selected Exposure Settings Dashboard is updated each Friday. It shows as of Jan. 15 King’s Daughters is reporting 118 total COVID-19 cases and Envoy of Staunton is reporting 170 total cases.

That is the second-highest number of cases at a nursing home facility with an ongoing outbreak in the entire state.

These numbers reflect what has been reported to VDH from when they were first notified about an outbreak at the facilities.

We do not have the number of current active cases, but we do know the outbreaks at both facilities are in progress.

An outbreak is defined as at least two lab-confirmed cases, according to VDH.

Smith noted that these nursing home settings are more vulnerable to infection.

“And that was one of the major reasons Governor Northam established the Virginia Long-Term Care Task Force in April, to look at reasons why transmission in nursing homes was a problem,” Smith said.

That task force meets twice a week.

“Addressing what we need to do industry-wide, statewide, community-wide to calm this problem to make sure it doesn’t happen again to protect our loved ones in these nursing homes and protect the staff,” Smith said.

The coronavirus has claimed the lives of 15 people at King’s Daughters, and 19 people at Envoy of Staunton, according to the VDH dashboard.

To keep our loved ones in these facilities safe, Smith said we need to keep practicing good hygiene, social distancing and wearing masks.

“These mitigation strategies are designed to reduce transmission of COVID-19. If you can reduce it in the community, you reduce the risk that it will be transmitted to a nursing home,” Smith said.

VDH has been providing ongoing guidance and training to help address these outbreaks, and they’re hopeful the number of outbreaks begin to decrease as vaccines continue to be administered across the state.

WHSV did reach out to both King’s Daughters Community Health and Rehabilitation Center and Envoy of Staunton, as well as Consulate Health Care but have yet to hear back.

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