Augusta County Public Schools encouraging more people to enroll children in preschool program

Published: Jan. 19, 2021 at 6:31 PM EST
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AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — Augusta County Public Schools (ACPS) are calling for more students to enroll in their preschool program.

Kaitie Saunders is the Instructional Supervisor for Early Childhood with ACPS. She said that students are able to attend preschool at whichever school they are attending for kindergarten.

“It allows them to build relationships with the peers they will be with throughout their school experience, and the adults they’ll be with for years to come,” Saunders explained.

Saunders said the program is able to help all students, including those who are at risk.

“It could be that they are challenged by a disability, it could be that they are challenged by poverty or some type of family risk factors, that makes it more challenging for them to jump right into kindergarten,” Saunders said. “So we provide a high-quality education to give them that equitable start.”

Applying to the preschool program is available via phone; those interested can contact 540-245-5117. You will need the following documents: a birth certificate and two forms of address verification.

“We do rolling acceptances, which means we will start in the spring and we will accept children all the way until school begins,” Saunders explained. “We do waves of acceptances and even after school starts, if we have slots available, we will continue accepting.”

Saunders said concerns about COVID-19 in the classroom are valid and they are taking precautions to prevent as much as they can.

“Our four and three-year-olds, believe it or not, are very proficient at their mask-wearing at this point, and our teachers have been wonderful. They have adapted additional cleaning protocols and it has been a very safe environment,” Saunders said.

For more information on preschools in Staunton, you can call 540-332 3934, and for Waynesboro 540-946-4626.

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