AG Mark Herring says he is suing Libre by Nexus

Published: Feb. 22, 2021 at 1:14 PM EST
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RICHMOND, Va. (WHSV) — Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring says he is suing Libre by Nexus for engaging in illegal and predatory practices on immigrants held in federal detention centers.

Herring took to Twitter on Monday to announce the lawsuit. In a tweet, Herring alleges “Libre misled families into signing confusing contacts believing they would receive free legal services.”

Herring says instead, “they were forced to pay high legal fees, large monthly payments that don’t go towards their bonds [and wear] GPS monitoring at their own expense.”

According to the tweet thread, Herring’s office will be joined by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, New York Attorney General Letitia James and Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey in the lawsuit.

Per their website, Libre by Nexus has three Virginia locations; Harrisonburg, Verona and Arlington.

WHSV has reached out to Libre by Nexus, and received the following statement from Mike Donovan, President and CEO of Libre by Nexus:

Libre by Nexus categorically denies all allegations in the complaint filed against the company today and looks forward to our day in court.

Libre commits to continuing to service its amazing family of clients.

Libre by Nexus is committed to fighting for immigrants scarred by the torture of “civil” immigration detention. While we have fought to release tens of thousands of immigrants from detention, especially during the last four years, the AGs have taken time and money to investigate our company. These same AGs have defended their police and prison guards in abuse cases, some of which have been funded by Libre. The result of their years-long investigations is a poorly drafted complaint that rehashes allegations the company has successfully defended in three different legal actions. They are still defending the corrupt prison guards.

At the same time the same immigrants Libre fights to save are housed in detention centers in the states of NY, VA, and MA, and at the orders of the same branch of government that commands the CFPB. While the federal government continues to detain scores of immigrants, the AGs have ignored the fact that these detention centers operate within their own borders. From Buffalo to Farmville to Suffolk MA, immigrants are tortured while Herring, James and others conduct a shadowy investigation into the only company helping the immigrants they claim to be protecting. Libre by Nexus welcomes this action as finally these inquiries can be brought out of the shadows and into one courtroom. When Libre funded lawsuits against Virginia to insure prisoners’ rights were protected, and the AG defended the state’s conduct, we prevailed. When Libre funded lawsuits in NY to end the scourge of youth solitary confinement and the AG defended the state’s conduct, we prevailed.

Libre is proud of its work and believes sunlight is the best disinfectant. We plan to vigorously defend this suit and prevail at trial.

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