Some Page Co. high school students to return to class March 8

Published: Feb. 22, 2021 at 11:24 PM EST
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PAGE COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) - In a Page County Public School board meeting on Monday, school leaders presented a plan to get some high school students back in the classroom.

Starting March 8, students that are failing more than one class can come back four days a week. Seniors will have the first priority, then the schools will work their way down to freshmen.

Superintendent Wendy Gonzalez said that teachers and administrators have reached out to parents about their student’s performance, and attendance. In some circumstances, home visits have occurred with administrators, school counselors, and school resources officers.

Across the county, she said that high school student’s grades have taken a big hit compared to middle and elementary school students.

“High school is a whole different story,” Gonzalez said. “The middle and elementary schools think they have a good handle on what they’re doing to remediate kids and get them ready to be successful. Our number [of failing students] seems to be greater at the high schools.”

High school students Gonzalez said schedules have been revised so that students will attend classes on their opposite days, and if scheduling did not work out, then students will be assigned to study hall to complete missed assignments.

She explained that this time would be used to make up assignments, receive remediation, and one-on-one time with teachers.

Also beginning March 8, synchronous learning will be mandated for any student who is failing classes.

“For those who have access at home, they can log in,” Gonzalez said. “For those who need to log in from the commons or log in from another location, but our [failing] seniors either have to be in the building or they have to participate in synchronous learning, so essentially, they have to be connected with a teacher at all times now until we can get them back on track.”

Both Page County High School and Luray High School are working to get more students back to help more students succeed.

School leaders explained that for all students who are not failing classes, they may continue to get their lessons asynchronously or they may join in synchronously if they choose.

For access to the video of Monday night’s meeting, click here.

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