River Information, levels and forecast

Where to check stream/creek/river levels and the forecast
Flooding along Meems Bottom in Mount Jackson, submitted to WHSV by Chris
Flooding along Meems Bottom in Mount Jackson, submitted to WHSV by Chris(WHSV)
Published: Mar. 12, 2021 at 9:58 PM EST|Updated: Sep. 6, 2022 at 9:42 PM EDT
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There are three different types of flood warnings that can be issued, here’s the difference.

Three types of flood warnings and what they mean

Types of flood warnings that are issued by the National Weather Service

Photo of damage to Route 33 sent to WHSV by Denise Markley

We have numerous creeks, streams and rivers across our viewing area. Not all are going to have river monitoring gauges but many do. Here’s some helpful information for you to check whether you plan to be on the water, camp near the water, or if you live near a creek or river. A few things about river and stream monitoring:

  • Not all rivers or creeks will have forecasts. Some are observation data only
  • River forecasts are updated several times a day based on need during heavy rain events
  • Click on the stream/river name to see a graph. Then click on the graph image for even more information.
  • When you click the link below, the map will show a diamond or a round circle where gauges are
  • The diamond represents a gauge that has observation information only. Past to current stage
  • The circle represents a river gauge that includes observation data and a forecast

RIVER AND STREAM: Observations and Forecast

Click this image for local river and stream gauge levels and forecast

HTML Image as link RIVERS

How to read a hydrograph

River levels
River levels(NWS)

What the colors of a hydrograph mean:

ACTION STAGE (YELLOW): the stage where the stream could be should be closely monitored by any affected people and begin implementing an action plan

MINOR FLOODING (ORANGE): Minimal or no property damage, but possibly some public threat or inconvenience

MODERATE FLOODING (RED): Inundation of structures and roads near streams. Some evacuations of people and/or transfer of property may be necessary.

MAJOR FLOODING (MAGENTA): Extensive inundation of structures and roads. Significant evacuations of people and/or transfer of property to higher elevations.

Additional Moisture and Drought resources

Moisture/Drought and River links
Crop Moisture Index

Depicts short term dryness/moisture affecting agriculture

Framers in Western Kentucky are harvesting a good crop despite rainy spring and dry fall.
Groundwater Network

Click on desired state. Data contains water levels and well information. Data from the USGS

Water Rate Structure
Rainfall Departure- Surplus or Deficit

A look at the rain surplus or deficit for each county. Tabs at the bottom will show the difference within a week, month, 3-month or year data.

Shenandoah Valley
Estimated Rainfall

Estimated rainfall over the next 1-5 days

Saturday is an Alert Day with record highs, torrential rain, and strong winds expected to move...
Daily Streamflow

From USGS- Daily streamflow conditions for area river gauges. Click this link and then select the state. You can also change the date for past data

Officials say a man’s body was pulled from the Green River at the Onton Boat Ramp on Thursday.
Snow-Liquid Equivalent

The snow-liquid equivalent is the depth of water that would cover the ground if the snow cover was in a liquid state

Deep snow lingers across Anchorage, but when is it going to melt?

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