Family searching for missing hiker near Spruce Knob

Published: Mar. 16, 2021 at 7:32 PM EDT
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PENDLETON COUNTY, W. Va. (WHSV) - On Monday, West Virginia State Police told WHSV they received a report of three missing hikers near Spruce Knob on Friday.

Police said of the hikers, two men were found but a woman in the group was not.

On Tuesday, the family of the missing hiker identified her as Cassie Shelton Sheetz, 24, of West Virginia.

Chelsea Shelton, Cassie’s aunt, told WHSV while local law enforcement searched over the weekend, the family has been given little information on the investigation into the disappearance of her niece.

Shelton said police notified the family that the group of hikers was split up around midnight on Thursday. She said police were told the three hikers were just walking on the trail when it got dark and the group became separated.

She said police said both of the boys came out of the forest but Sheetz did not.

“You know, whether we find her alive, whether we find her passed away, either way, our family needs closure from this and we’re not going to get it until she is found,” Shelton said.

Now family members like Cassie’s sister, Tabitha Black, are constantly looking at their phones, checking old messages and praying for a reply back.

Black said the one message she listens to each night is a voice message from her sister back in January.

“I’m losing Wi-Fi, baby girl. I’ll message you as soon as I get Wi-Fi back, alright. I love you,” Sheetz told her sister in the message.

The family said Cassie’s father was working with volunteers on searching for any sign of Sheetz on the trail Tuesday morning.

Shelton said the family understands there are different stories online that are circulating but they just want anyone who has information on Sheetz’s whereabouts to come forward.

As of Monday, police said they were not actively searching for the hiker.

If you have any information on the missing hiker, call West Virginia State Police at 304-358-2200.

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