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Published: Mar. 16, 2021 at 9:15 PM EDT|Updated: Mar. 31, 2021 at 10:39 PM EDT
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The first official day of spring is either on March 20 or 21st every day. When it comes to Meteorological data, we classify spring as starting on March 1st.

Here’s why:

Spring Wildfire season

in Virginia and West Virginia
in Virginia and West Virginia(whsv)

Spring flooding

April showers bring May flowers, or May flooding. Spring flooding is very common across our area. Here are two links for spring flooding outlooks.

Spring Leaf Index

Did you know there’s a phenology network that tracks the progress of the spring tree bloom? You can track the status of spring and see how it compares to average:

USA National Phenology Network

Where the trees are starting to bloom and the timing compared to average

Trees begin budding in Lynchburg.

Monarch Butterfly Migration

Learn all about the monarch butterfly migration from Mexico. Take a look at the migration map and sighting dates. There is also some great learning information for kids.

Journey North

Monarch butterfly migration map

Monarch butterfly during Beaver Creek Reserve annual Butterfly Fest August, 2019.

Hummingbird Migration

Learn all about the hummingbird migration and where hummingbird sightings are.

Hummingbird Central

Hummingbird migration map

You can also read more information if you want to read more on putting out feeders and information from the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center:

Bird Migration Forecast

Did you know there’s a website that tracks the bird migration? They use weather forecast tools to track the migration and when the majority of the birds might be over a certain area. When the birds are migrating, you can help out by turning out your lights. This helps the birds at night so it doesn’t lure them to artificial light, which can cause injury in some cases. You can even enter in your specific location to get the migration forecast.

Bird Migration Maps

Check out where the birds are migrating to and see the forecast

Cherry Blossom Peak Bloom

It’s not spring in the Mid-Atlantic without the cherry blossoms. You can track the estimated peak bloom dates and the cherry blossom bloom status from the National Park system. Keep in mind the bloom forecast is all dependant on weather. A warm spell can speed up the bloom while a rainy or cool spell can stall it. The peak bloom time varies year to year

Cherry Blossom Bloom Watch

Cherry blossom forecast and information

Cherry blossoms in DC this week

Spring Drought Outlook

US Seasonal Drought Outlook

A look at where potential drought conditions either persist or worsen

File image

Spring Climate Data

While average spring temperatures have declined since 1970, the latest freeze date is now a few days earlier.

Since 1970
Since 1970(whsv)
Per Climate Central
Per Climate Central(whsv)

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