VEC shares updates for unemployment insurance customers

Published: Apr. 6, 2021 at 12:31 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WHSV) — The Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) shared some important updates for its unemployment insurance customers on Tuesday.

Return to Work Updates

According to a press release from the VEC, the organization will soon begin notifying customers for the reinstatement of the weekly work search requirement, which was temporarily suspended during the pandemic.

The requirement will apply to all customers, including those receiving Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA). Customers will need to apply for at least 2 jobs each week in order to receive their benefits.

Individuals will then be required to report details of their job search activity each week to the VEC for review. Individuals will not be eligible for benefits for any week they fail to make the required job search.

The VEC plans to begin notifying customers in May with additional details regarding these changes.

Eligibility Requirements Updates

In addition, the VEC is reminding individuals who are receiving unemployment benefits from the VEC must be able and available for work each week they claim benefits. This requirement also applies to the PUA program.

As part of weekly filing and claiming of benefits, customers must meet this requirement and accurately report their status to the VEC each week.

Customers who are not able and available for work are not eligible for benefits.

Unemployment Insurance Fraud Updates

The VEC is reminding customers to protect their personal information and monitor their unemployment benefits account. Never share your PIN or password, or other identifying information.

The VEC also says they have received reports of banking information being changed without a customer’s permission. There is an ongoing investigation concerning the reports, but customers can verify their banking information by calling 1-800-897-5630.

Virginias who believe they may be a victim of fraud or identity theft related to unemployment insurance should report it by clicking here or by calling 1-800-782-4001.

For more information on Virginia’s unemployment insurance programs, click here.

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