Harrisonburg trash carts become new treasure

Published: Apr. 7, 2021 at 6:42 PM EDT
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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — Beginning Thursday, most homes in the city of Harrisonburg will be receiving a huge delivery from public works as they replace old trash cans with new toters.

Wednesday morning, crews continued to put together 10,000 new trash carts at the city’s recycling convenience center. Kelly Adams with Harrisonburg Public Works, said even if you did not make a selection earlier this year on what trash can you would like to receive you will still get a 96-gallon toter trash cart.

The new trash carts come in sizes 48 or 96 gallons and are aimed at helping reduce the amount of waste that goes into the landfill by limiting what you can put in it.

“With the toters, they got lids so they contain the trash because there are lots of critters around Harrisonburg that tend to get in the trash, especially if something smells really good to them,” Adams said. “So it contains the trash and keeps it from getting into our streets and into our streams.”

She said not only will this help protect the environment, but also improve the safety of crews working on the trucks.

“So there are two tippers on the back of each truck so you can roll up the toter,” Adams said. “You can do two at a time, attach them to the tipper, it tips it up, empties it, puts it back down and they put it back curbside.”

While all the carts look the same, each one of the trash carts has a chip inside. When scanned, it shows the cart belongs to a specific address — so it is recommended you label your cart with your address as soon as possible.

Adams said a box truck will be dropping off the toters through next week. The new carts will not affect trash day for most residents, except for one neighborhood the city will be reaching out to.

By the end of April, if you feel like you may need a different size cart, the city will exchange it at no cost. However, an additional cart will cost extra, and any repairs needed from intentional damage.

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