Students help bring bluebirds to Bluestone Elementary

Published: Apr. 20, 2021 at 9:29 PM EDT
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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) - With spring time comes warmer weather, pollen and the beautiful sounds of birds chirping. At Bluestone Elementary School, there’s a lot more chirping thanks to a grant from the Virginia Bluebird Society.

Peter Norment, the principal of Bluestone, said earlier this year they received a $300 grant from the organization to install six bluebird nesting boxes around the school and in return, students would document when a nest is occupied. If there are eggs which hatch, it’s reported back to the organization.

“There’s multiple benefits. The two main ones are students get to learn about birds and get to experience them first hand as opposed to just reading about them in books,” Norment said. “But they also get to learn that humans can have a positive influence on the natural world.”

On Tuesday, Jen Kettelkamp and Courtney Sokolowski, both teachers at the school took three first grade students out to check the nesting boxes.

The students used a mirror attached to a pole to create a reflection so they could see if eggs were there or not. From there, the students will log the status of the nest on a spreadsheet.

Selah Madden, a student who was helping, said she’s learned a lot about how we as humans can cause the bird species to disappear.

“Other people will cut down trees and destroy their homes,” Madden said. “We want all of the blue birds to come back to Virginia to help them and keep them.”

So far the school has five bluebird eggs nesting on campus and Norment said more nesting boxes are on the way later this school year.

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