Low Voter Turnout in the Valley

Updated: Jun. 8, 2021 at 7:34 PM EDT
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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) - As polls prepare to close for today’s democratic primary, turnout numbers around the valley have been low.

Harrisonburg had a higher percentage of voters than the surrounding counties, but the numbers were still relatively low.

As of 6 p.m. in Harrisonburg there were 1,089 voters, and 392 early votes, in Rockingham county there were 976 votes as of 5 pm, in Shenandoah county there were 617 votes as of 5, and in Page county there were 168 votes as of 5.

Those who did chose to come out to vote said they did so because of the importance of primaries, “I just thought it was important because, I think it’s time for some political change, and primaries are where you can put in some candidates that maybe don’t always get heard,” said Mart Sawin, a US history teacher and Harrisonburg voter.

“I feel like voting is always something that I try to do each year, and I feel like primaries are a great time to have your voice be heard since there’s a smaller turnout typically, and it’s important to craft what will be on the ballot in the fall,” said Ben Schlabach, a Harrisonburg voter.

Polls close across the state at 7 p.m. concluding a long day for poll workers, some of whom have been at precincts since 4 a.m.

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