Cicada invasion comes to Shenandoah County

Updated: Jun. 10, 2021 at 8:03 PM EDT
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STRASBURG, Va. (WHSV) - There’s a loud noise that can be heard in the town of Strasburg. It’s not the town’s fire alarm, but instead, the swarm of cicadas.

As soon as you get off the I-81 exit to the town you’ll notice a difference in the noise than other parts of the county.

Over the last few weeks town, residents like Joseph Newlan have been dealing with the bugs landing on their face and running into your car windshield.

“They’ve gotten to the point where I can’t keep after them, there’s too many of them. It’s a new but old pest bud,” Newland laughed.

Newland said he can tell where in his yard where the cicadas resurfaced from the ground after finding holes near his bushes.

“These holes in the earth are some of the wholes they exited from when they came out,” Newland said. “And then they leave these shells that they’ve come out of.”

John McBreen, the town’s horticulture foreman, said residents should not worry or put out poison for the cicadas because the bugs are harmless.

“Everybody’s loving the Cicadas except for the folks that don’t like the rrrr noise,” McBreen laughed.

McBreen said the bugs are actually feeding the birds and fish more and it is actually a great time to be a fisherman.

“They appear slowly and then after about a week of emergence they start this crescendo of noise and you’ll probably hear it for about four or six weeks before it starts to fizzle out,” McBreen said.

The bugs come out every 17 years to find love, and won’t be expected back until the year 2038.

“I’ve killed a lot of them over the last several weeks so I hope as many won’t come back, that’s my hope,” Newland laughed.

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