Wildfire smoke from out West leading to interesting sunrises and sunsets

You may have noticed the haze in the sky this week
An interesting sunset due to smoke particulates in the atmosphere from wildfires out West
Published: Jul. 6, 2021 at 9:50 PM EDT
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You may have noticed some hazy or a milky sky the last few days. This is all smoke in the upper levels of our atmosphere that has moved into the Mid-Atlantic from the Western U.S. and western Canada. The smoke is the result of several active and large wildfires and now that smoke has made it to the East Coast.

These fires have been devastating so many areas. The town of Lytton, British Columbia set a new record all time high for the entire country of Canada three days in a row with a maximum at 121ยฐ. Several hundred people have died as a result of the heat.

The other devastating consequence was a fast moving wildfire that destroyed most of the buildings in Lytton.

Air quality for our region may be slightly affected for anyone who is very sensitive to air quality or has serious breathing issues. Most people will not have issues.

The smoke and haze will be visible through at least Wednesday. The main impact locally is that there will be a noticeable haze to the sky and youโ€™ll see some interesting sunrises and sunsets.

Wildfire smoke in the area again Wednesday
Wildfire smoke in the area again Wednesday(whsv)

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