Devils Backbone Brewing Company welcomes Bluegrass Grill and Bakery pop-up location

The "Hungry Norman" eggs benedict being prepared at Bluegrass Grill and Bakery in Nelson County.
The "Hungry Norman" eggs benedict being prepared at Bluegrass Grill and Bakery in Nelson County.(wvir)
Published: Jul. 23, 2021 at 7:38 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - What used to be a popular Charlottesville brunch place is now gracing a Nelson County brewery on weekends.

It’s been more than a year since Bluegrass Grill and Bakery closed its downtown location. Now you can find the restaurant at Devils Backbone in Nelson County.

“Somebody found out that we were out here, and they were just blown away like, ‘wait what?’ so, I really do think a lot of people in Charlottesville don’t know that we’re out here,” Owner Christine Venninger said. “And it’s 45 minutes, it’s a bit of a haul, but you know we’re trying to keep everyone happy and still do brunch.”

On a typical weekend at the Charlottesville location Bluegrass Grill and Bakery would be packed. There were no reservations, just a list and names being called. Customers would still wait hours just for a table.

“It was really cramped and fast, very fast at what we call old Bluegrass,” Employee Brandi Ferrebe said. ”But it was a much more regular and established space there and this is different and exciting.”

While the change of scenery is exciting, it is a bit quieter now.

“It’s never like the way it was at old Bluegrass where every week was like, I need to buy at least 200 pounds redskin potatoes, five cases of eggs, you know, it was just a given,” Venninger said. “But now there is no given. I’m kind of winging it”

The COO of Devils Backbone, invited Bluegrass to open up in Nelson County, according to Venninger. He did not want to see the business end. They are now open Friday through Sunday, from 7 a.m. until noon.

While the restaurant used to be flooded with regulars, now, it is mainly in and out campers and out-of-towners at Devils Backbone Brewing Company. Some will still travel down from Charlottesville for the restaurant’s famous benedicts and unique offerings.

“The menu is significantly smaller, Venninger said. “We’re only doing 10 or 11 items So it’s definitely a different crowd here.”

Bluegrass doesn’t have any plans for returning to Charlottesville, even though its sign is still up at the old location. The restaurant is currently suffering from staffing issues, which will ultimately affect how long they can continue to operate.

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