Humankind Water donates to Mercy House

Humankind Water donates to Mercy House
Published: Aug. 16, 2021 at 6:19 AM EDT
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One of the most requested items at homeless shelters, especially during the summer months, is bottled water. That’s why an organization, called Humankind Water, is partnering with homeless shelters across the nation to get people the water they need. Most recently, the organization donated water to Mercy House in Harrisonburg.

It is all part of their new program called “The Humankind Water Drop”. The goal is to deliver 100,000 liters of water to homeless shelters.

“The idea was, let’s do a landing page called where folks can go to the landing page and buy as much water as they are willing to donate. Why on earth would I buy a bottle of water that I am not going to drink? Because there is a homeless person that needs it more,” said TJ Foltz, the CEO and Founder of Humankind Water.

After you purchase the water, the organization takes care of distributing it to your nearest homeless shelter. It is something the Executive Director of Mercy House, Shannon Porter, says is so great for the people here in the valley.

“It’s really a resource that is going to be very helpful to us and not just our shelter, but our community. We plan on sharing this donation with Our Community Place and the Open Doors shelter. There’s a lot of people on our streets right now that need this type of assistance. It is hot during the day and there is no shelter for them during the day so this is going to be put to use very quickly,” said Shannon Porter.

If you are interested in helping contribute to the program, you can visit Walmart locations to find water or you can donate here.

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