Augusta Health joins Mayo Clinic Care Network

Augusta Health medical staff now has access to Mayo Clinic specialists, at no extra cost to patients.
Published: Aug. 25, 2021 at 1:14 PM EDT
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FISHERSVILLE, Va. (WHSV) - Following two years of vetting and communications with the Mayo Clinic, Augusta Health announced on Wednesday that it has joined the Mayo Clinic Care Network or MCCN.

This will provide guidance from Mayo Clinic experts directly to the medical staff in the Augusta Health Network.

Augusta Health joins the MCCN with nearly 40 other hospitals across the country.

“When we learned of the Mayo Clinic Care Network we immediately became interested because of their values, their mission, and their model,” Augusta Health CEO Mary Mannix explained.

Whether that be through a second opinion, video conferences or a database of clinical information, the MCCN will give Augusta Health’s close to 300 providers access to not only Mayo Clinic specialists, but other member hospitals as well.

“The connections that we have are going to be not just large databases but actually come to bear on an individual patient, such that the patient will have their Augusta health physician and that team will have Mayo Clinic as an additional resource to weigh in on questions that we would hope to answer collectively,” medical director of Mayo Clinic Dr. Ryan Uitti explained.

Interactions with Mayo Clinic will occur specifically through Augusta Health medical staff. Second opinions or referrals are not required to go through the MCCN, but rather will be a joint decision between physicians and patients.

There are no fees or additional costs involved for patients.

“If a patient and a specialist are conferring over a plan of care and they jointly agree, for example, that they might be interested in getting a second opinion, that can all happen through this relationship at no extra cost to the community,” Mannix added.

Though the interactions with Mayo Clinic experts will happen through medical staff there is a health information library that providers can make available to patients.

“We believe over time this is going to ramp up really nicely and provide an extra level of support and expertise for our already-expert, really strong medical community,” Mannix said.

“It allows them to receive the care they need close to home, from their trusted Augusta Health physician and team, with the added benefits of Mayo Clinic’s input when asked for. This should allow for peace of mind and even better outcomes,” Dr. Uitti explained.

Augusta Health leaders say they are not being purchased or merging with Mayo Clinic, rather the collaboration will strengthen their model as they remain community-owned.

Augusta Health has been training its staff to use the Mayo Clinic Care Network resources all summer and they are ready to put them to use. For more information on the MCCN and Augusta Health, click here.

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