Clean Virginia advocates for Dominion Energy to reevaluate costs

Clean Virginia Charlottesville works to mitigate alleged utility monopoly
Clean Virginia Charlottesville works to mitigate alleged utility monopoly(WHSV)
Published: Sep. 12, 2021 at 12:22 AM EDT
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Virginians pay the 6th highest power bills in the nation.

Virginia is ranked 31′st on renewable energy usage.

Cassady Craighill, Clean Virginia communications and advocacy director says Dominion Power is a utility monopoly with little outside regulation.

“It’s really important that Dominion’s spending, how they’re charging us is out in the open and that regulators have everything they need to make sure customers are not ripped off,” Craighill said.

Clean Virginia Charlottesville encourages people in and around the area to reach out to legislators, and ask Dominion power to re-evaluate their costs.

Dominion Energy Spokesperson Rayhan Daudani released the following statement Monday, September 13, to NBC29:

“Virginia has a state regulatory model for electricity that has resulted in reliable, affordable and clean energy. The lobbying groups and their funders that want to undo that seek a Texas-styled deregulated electricity market that has failed customers everywhere it has been enacted.

“Dominion Energy has the third-largest solar fleet in the country and is developing the largest offshore wind project in the United States off the coast of Virginia Beach. Our Virginia customer rates are low and stable. In fact, the typical Dominion Energy Virginia residential electric bill has increased by less than one percent annually over the past decade—below the rate of inflation and more than 10 percent below the national average.

“And we are here to help those in need. During the coronavirus pandemic, we made sure our customers would continue to have the electricity needed to learn and work even if they were struggling to pay their bill, suspending disconnections and waiving late fees.  In accordance with state law we credited more than $200 million to households and small businesses falling behind on their bills and offered customers 24 months to catch up with no interest, no down payment and no late fees. We also added an additional $1 million in financial assistance through EnergyShare and for the first time expanded eligibility to small businesses, nonprofits and places of worship.”

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