Nicholas adds insult to injury in Louisiana

Published: Sep. 15, 2021 at 8:53 PM EDT
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(WDSU) - Communities in Louisiana are still cleaning up weeks after Hurricane Ida tore through the state.

One of those communities is Lafourche Parish, which is now getting hit with the last thing residents want to see; more rain from another storm.

“I need help, but I don’t need no rain,” said Alvin Robichaux, a resident of the parish. Alvin Robichaux is getting a “seau plein” right now. He doesn’t need it as the rains from Nicholas fall on top of what Hurricane Ida left behind. “I got three generators and they all went out and I can’t afford to get another one,” said Robichaux

Robichaux’s friend and neighbor, Loman Scurlcok have been dodging the rain from Nicholas. “Two bedrooms and the bathroom are leaking bad, so we are sleeping in the kitchen,” said Scurlcok.

Certaimly they are not alone but it’s not stopping them or their neighbors in LaFourche from wading thru back to back storms. Robichaux has enough on his plate already. “I got COPD and asthma and asbestos and I can’t use my breathing machine because I got no electricity,” said Robichaux

If there’s good news it’s the fact that 50 percent of the parish is back on permanent power now. Hundreds if not thousands of lineman are working even in the rain to get power fully restored. Parish president Archie Chaisson knows the rain will come and go so the push continues to help folks like Robichaux and Scurlock. There are blue roofs which have places to live for those who’ve lost everything.

“We probably have about 25 percent of our homes that are catastrophic. We still have about 95 people in shelter in Assumption Parish that we are managing doing assessments on their homes to see who can go back, who can go with family and friends, so we still have a very long way to go but I think we are ahead of the game for 18 days in,” said Chaisson.

The hit that Lafourche took was substantial but these are folks who’ve been down this bayou before and nothing washes away their hope or their faith. “God has blessed our community over and over again throughout the years. We are a very resilient people here in Lafourche. We’re going to be Lafourche strong and we are going to put the pieces back together,” said Chaisson.

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