Quilter sews Virginia wineries and charities together in recent project

Andrea Matheson and Kim Payne standing with the quilt
Andrea Matheson and Kim Payne standing with the quilt(wvir)
Published: Sep. 25, 2021 at 8:27 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A Virginia quilter is using her talents to raise money for a good cause by combining wineries and charities.

Quilter, Kim Payne has been sewing this project for more than a year now. At the start of the pandemic, she decided she wanted to do something to help small businesses.

“It’s not so much about wineries or the quilt,” Kim Payne said. “The whole point of this is just to show how people can come together to show goodness and kindness, you know to others.”

Kim sent out 68 letters to different Virginia wineries. She asked for t-shirts and in return she would add them to her quilt to help promote their businesses. 19 wineries responded. Chisholm Vineyards helped connect Kim with the other businesses.

This became a passion project for Kim and Andrea Matheson with Chisholm, during the pandemic.

“It was tough,” Matheson said. “I mean we shut down for a while and I was the only one and we did curbside pickup. There was a lot of shifting gears, pivoting as we say, constantly, but we did it.”

The finished quilt is now the prize in a special raffle.

“We selected All Blessings Flow and the Valor Farm for the charities that they money will go to. 100% of the money will be divided equally,” Payne said.

Valor Farms builds houses for homeless veterans and All Blessings Flow donates medical supplies to those who can’t afford them.

“We are so grateful that they are doing this raffle and helping to support us,” Annie Dodd with All Blessing Flow said. “Financially, we need more money and so this support is huge.”

Kim spent more than 45 hours crafting this quilt. She say, she would do it all again.

“I think all of us have talents and abilities,” Payne said. “You know, we’re not given those to keep to ourselves. It’s you know, to be used for the benefit of others.”

Kim says if there are any charities or organizations that need a quilt for a fundraiser, she would love to help out and continue to give back.

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