Local restaurant creates meals for those in need

Published: Oct. 11, 2021 at 9:53 AM EDT
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There is nothing better than a home-cooked meal. That’s why A Bowl of Good Cafe in Harrisonburg has partnered with a local program that allows you to send someone a delicious meal.

“Originally the goal with the website when they created it was they had a church member who had just gotten in the hospital and she had had 4 kids and a husband at home. The community just wanted to help feed that family while she was in the hospital. She recovered and they took the site down, but then everyone started asking if the site could be put back up. It really just started as a convenience thing for people who wanted to help each other out,” said Joshua Libassi, the Manager of the Send them a Meal program.

Here’s how it works. You can visit the Send them a Meal website where you can choose from a variety of meal options. Once you order, the restaurant prepares and packages the meal in the cafe, then ships it on dry ice so it can stay fresh for days.

“So the fact that we get to make this food using locally sourced ingredients. Ingredients that definitely are clean. You know short ingredient lists for a lot of our products,” said Libassi.

There is also a “Take them a Meal” program that allows community members to deliver these meals to anyone who is unable to get them themselves. The meal even gets delivered with a personal card.

If you want to get involved in the program, click here.

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