‘Staunton Outside Arts’ takes creativity to more places

Published: Oct. 12, 2021 at 11:18 PM EDT
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STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV) - A new art initiative in Staunton is giving all kinds of artists a chance to explore and create. At the same time, it’s allowing more people to experience art. It’s showing that art can exist outside galleries and museums.

Staunton Outside Arts is a grassroots arts initiative engaging with the community through creative public art. Their first project is Terrain Biennial.

Danny Rose is a rock balancer. His typical venue is his home or a nearby creek. His ever-changing rock sculptures are now on display outside the Staunton Innovation Hub.

“This is the first time in an urban setting, you know, where a lot of people see it,” Rose said.

His art installation is a part of Terrain Biennial.

“The mission of Terrain Biennial is to do art in people’s yards, and underutilized spaces in the community, and private spaces,” artist Drea Howenstein stated. “The initiative started in Chicago, but it’s now in several cities across the United States. This year, it’s in Staunton, thanks to Howenstein.”

“There’s a need for this from the young people in terms of having venues that are more fluid, and more DIY, and more networked,” Howenstein said.

Other exhibits include a community mural at Jones Community Garden and Park.

“Fifteen artists that were able to collaborate without being together during COVID,” Howenstein said.

Also, a print exhibit in a neighborhood green space near downtown Staunton. It’s called ‘Seclusion’ and focuses on cicadas.

Howenstein’s own front yard has been a way for painter and filmmaker Angus Carter to explore.

“Getting out and building something has been fun. It’s something that I don’t normally do,” Carter stated.

Whether it’s increased exposure or opportunities to experiment, it’s all about connection.

“It’s all about networks. It’s all about resource sharing,” Howenstein said. “It’s all about, I think, supporting community needs and celebration.”

Howenstein says Staunton Outside Arts will be needing hosts and artists for future projects.

Also, Saturday, October 16, Cheyenne Crawford will be speaking about her ‘Seclusion’ series project on cicadas at 1 p.m at 811 Heydenrich Street in Staunton.

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