Bluestone Bike & Run looks back on the past year after an explosion damaged store

Bluestone Bike & Run after the explosion on Oct. 17, 2020.
Bluestone Bike & Run after the explosion on Oct. 17, 2020.(Bluestone Bike & Run)
Published: Oct. 15, 2021 at 4:58 PM EDT
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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) - This weekend marks one year since a natural gas explosion rocked Harrisonburg. The impact was felt in areas all across the Shenandoah Valley.

A video of the explosion was seen nationwide after it impacted Miller Circle and destroyed several businesses inside a small shopping center.

Our WHSV news team has been working hard for you all year, following how the community came together to help multiple businesses rebuild.

Bluestone Bike & Run is one of the businesses nearby that was damaged in the explosion. It’s right across the street from the shopping center that was destroyed.

The owners said all of the windows were shattered, the ceiling was caving in and parts of the building across the street had blown through the bike shop and were lodged in their wall.

There was a lot of clean up in and around the building before they could start doing any types of repairs.

“Initially, it didn’t seem that bad to me, like I envisioned it being a two to four week kind of thing, but it ended being double that,” Erik Jensen of Bluestone Bike & Run said.

It took about eight weeks before the shop reopened.

“So that’s like two months of bills that are adding up, two months of inventory that you’re not selling, so that was definitely a little bit of a hardship before the winter, but I think we’re doing okay now,” Jensen said.

“The shop was maybe due for a little bit of a refresh anyways, so we tried to have a positive outlook and made some changes that we wanted to make,” Charlie Snyder, another owner of the store, said.

Bluestone Bike & Run says it’s been pretty busy this summer with more people looking for things to do outside during the pandemic.

“Lucky to have a lot of community support, and I definitely think people felt bad the business being affected by kind of such a disaster, so we’ve had a lot of community support and that’s been very good for us,” Snyder said.

Now that the explosion site is all cleaned up and their building has been renovated, the shop owners are looking forward to what’s next.

While many of the surrounding businesses are still standing and welcoming back customers, others like Hometown Music had to move to a new location.

The music store first moved into a temporary location on South High St.

They are open now in a building back on South Main St., just down the street from where the store was in Miller Circle.

The store says they will be moving one last time to a different room in that building and hope to be all settled in their new space in about a month.

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