Foliage Report- October 22

Published: Oct. 22, 2021 at 2:19 PM EDT
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Even with favorable weather for the fall color change, so many areas are still very green. There are very few areas at or near peak right now. However it is going to be a beautiful fall weekend and there still is developing color across most areas.

The best spots right now- the Virginia Allegheny Highlands.


The Virginia Allegheny Highlands: Bath and Highland county are at peak but this will not last long. There will even be some spots past peak but others still turning. This is where the best color is. Try a drive From Rt. 250 west to Monterey. You can continue west on Rt. 250 and then take Rt. 92 south in West Virginia from Bartow to Dunmore. Or from Monterey take Rt. 220 south into Bath county. Don’t forget to stop by Falling Spring Falls! Covington and Clifton Forge are also beautiful areas. One of my favorite hikes, Roaring Run Furnace in Eagle Rock.

Western Maryland: Western Maryland is a beautiful area to explore. High to peak color is across Deep Creek Lake. Swallow Falls state park nearby is another beautiful area with trails and waterfall overlooks. Wisp resort does offer a scenic chairlift.

PAST PEAK- Tucker County: The Canaan Valley and Dolly Sods areas are past peak as well as most of Blackwater Falls state park. However these areas are still beautiful You’ll see some some color at the lowest spots especially in Blackwater Canyon but there are a lot of leaves down in this region.


The Potomac Highlands: Pendleton county is showing more color but there are still some green areas. Spruce Knob is past peak but Seneca rocks still has low color. Color is best at elevations above 3,000′. Grant county still has low color even around Mt. Storm. Corridor H is a beautiful drive but color is still low here. In Hardy county Lost river state park is a beautiful spot but again, color is still developing.

Virginia highest elevations: Elevations above 4,000′ in Virginia are just starting to show high color. Wintergreen mountain is just starting to show moderate color. Elsewhere things are still very green, even across Shenandoah Mountain and Skyline drive as well as the Blue Ridge. You’ll start to see the color at the highest peaks closer to 4,000′ and a few ridges are showing moderate color but there is still a lot of green. Peak won’t be until the end of next week, possibly into the weekend. However with a late peak we’re battling rain next week and some wind with a few systems.

Even Peaks of Otter on the Blue Ridge is still very green.

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