Trucking company leaders discuss effects of supply chain crisis

Published: Oct. 26, 2021 at 10:07 AM EDT
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WAYNESBORO, Va. (WHSV) -Estes Express Lines has been in business for 90 years. The trucking company moves all kinds of products from machinery to board games.

“And we also do residential stuff. We pick up home deliveries much like Amazon or UPS would do,” Hunter McCray said.

McCray is the terminal manager for the Waynesboro location.

The current supply chain crisis has caused issues within the industry, from a shortage of drivers to available equipment.

“You could even throw facilities into that. We continue to see bottlenecks there,” District Manager Will Hupp explained. “We are starting to see some of that open up but portions of our order for 2021 got pushed out to 2022, just because of the availability of equipment.”

“It definitely has put a little extra work on everybody’s plate. Again, the more we can do to bring on additional staff the better off we are going to be,” McCray added.

Experts say the last year and a half has rerouted lots of consumers’ disposable income to be spent on things that need to be shipped.

“When the pandemic started and you couldn’t travel and do a lot of the things that you wanted to, a lot of that disposable income shifted into buying stuff,” Webb Estes, Vice President of Process Improvement for Estes Express Lines, said.

For context, Estes Express Lines moves 3.85 million pounds of freight in Virginia each day by picking up or delivering 2,900 shipments from their eight Virginia terminals.

Of those thousands of shipments, just over 250 of them come from the Waynesboro location. Currently, the company employs about 40 people there but they are looking for more hires to keep up with demand.

As we near closer and closer to the holiday season, industry leaders say this is not the time to procrastinate.

“Order that Christmas gift maybe a week or two early this year,” Hupp urged.

“Shelves are going to be barer as it gets closer to Christmas. It is a big challenge for retailers to keep their shelves stocked,” Estes said. “If you are ordering online and they promise that it will be delivered in two days, still order it a little bit earlier because those two-day promises wind up being four or five days.”

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