Pastor hopes to turn elementary school into community center

Published: Nov. 1, 2021 at 7:17 AM EDT
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Some stacked chairs, desks and a lot of empty hallways. That’s all that’s left at the old Franklin Elementary school in West Virginia. One pastor is hoping to revamp it and turn it into something so much more.

“Our hope is to expand ministry services and also services to the entire community,” said Jason Boggs, the pastor at Redeeming Grace Outreach Worship center in Brandywine.

After seeing youth in the community struggle with addiction and homelessness, Jason Boggs wanted to find a way to help.

“The next couple of months it’s about to get really cold. In Rockingham County, there’s not a lot of places for the homeless. Or even in Pendleton County, or in Grant or Hardy. Our hope would be able to make a hub here where people can come here and have a place to sleep. We’ll have a food pantry, we’ll have a clothing ministry for free clothing free food,” said Boggs.

Boggs hopes to have everything at the center including games for kids, homecooked meals and even counseling services.

“Really just whatever the community is on their heart to help with, I am game for gearing up with them,” said Boggs.

“We’re going to support the community, the children of the community. We are going to try and put God in their life so the children are very important to us,” said Joe Embleton, the co-pastor at the church.

The building is currently on the market for $449,000 dollars. So far, the church has raised over $30,000.

Pastor Jason is hoping to purchase the building no later than December. He then hopes to have the center up and running by February.

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