Community Spotlight: Love Thy Neighbor

Published: Nov. 22, 2021 at 6:32 AM EST
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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) - Love Thy Neighbor started back in 1992 with just one person helping another find maternity clothes.

It has since expanded to meet the different needs of several people in the Harrisonburg area.

“Anybody who comes and asks for help, I don’t say no to,” Bernadette Moreno-Krause, founder of Love Thy Neighbor, said.

All you need is an ID and you become part of not just an organization, but a family.

“We try to provide their needs and our mission is to do that. No matter what it is, we try,” Moreno-Krause said.

Moreno-Krause and her husband also make an effort to connect with those they serve.

“They have a person that cares. That’s the whole thing is love and care and spiritual, so that way they’re not alone. We normally take people, if they’re in the hospital or something, I go there. I go in the morning for an hour, and I go in the evening for an hour to be with them so they’re not alone,” Moreno-Krause explained.

In the summer, Love Thy Neighbor gathers volunteers to help take care of the needs of the elderly in the community.

“Raking leaves, doing gutters and all of that,” Moreno-Krause said. “That way they don’t have to pay for it or anything... We go and also give them a certificate to Wood Grill.”

They even make sure to stay in touch with those who end up moving out of the area.

“My husband and I, we go and visit them. We offer them $100 in food while we visit them and take them out for a dinner,” Moreno-Krause said.

And they do it all from T.J.’s Dermagraphics Tattoos in downtown Harrisonburg and their own home, which is currently filled with gifts as part of their latest project.

“We’re doing the Christmas gift. I do it every year, and they love it. We get a lot of signed-up people to come in. They get five wishes, and we try to provide those five wishes that are means of their needs,” Moreno-Krause said.

The 70 people who signed up this year will also get a warm meal when they come to the tattoo shop next month to get their gifts.

It’s too late to sign up for the Christmas gift, but if you’d like to donate to Love Thy Neighbor or join the organization to receive help any time of the year, you can call (540) 578-2006.

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