Repairman finds special note inside clock tower

Published: Nov. 22, 2021 at 6:31 AM EST
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It’s a staple in the friendly city. The historic bell tower.

“The clock is said to be a 100-year clock and it was likely installed in the courthouse prior to this one. This courthouse though was 1896 and it has been here the whole time,” said Chaz Haywood, Clerk of Court.

Recently, the bell stopped tolling so the city called in some experts.

“Way back 63 some years ago...Bert Rodgers, my father, after the second world war went to school to learn watch repair and eventually segued into tower clocks,” said Robert Rodgers of Rodgers Clock Service.

Robert Rodgers, owns Rodgers Clock Service in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He took over his father’s business and has been working with clocks for over 40 years.

“I followed in his footsteps per se...and continue to work in clocks today,” said Rodgers.

After visiting the Harrisonburg clock tower, Rodgers found something pretty special.

“There was something written on the wall that I immediately recognized as my Dad’s handwriting from 1951,” said Rodgers.

“It was such a chilling moment to see this real unique connection between an older guy now looking at the clock and realizing that in the 1950s, his father had been the one to also work and electrify the clock that we have here in Rockingham County,” said Haywood.

“It is very cool to go back and look after things that had been taken care of by my dad years ago,” said Rodgers.

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