Winter Weather: How to report a power outage to SVEC

Published: Jan. 3, 2022 at 1:42 PM EST
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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) - With the strong snowstorm on Monday, hundreds were without power from Page to Augusta County.

If your power goes out, there are three main ways to report it:

Preston Knight with SVEC says these are the best ways to report an outage and members should never report an outage via social media.

“It is a different department [social media]. It is on the communication side. The managers oversee our Facebook and social media pages but if you want our operations center to know that you are out of power, they need to know directly to get the crews out there to respond,” Knight added.

Knight says just because your neighbor has their power restored does not mean yours should be too.

“That might be because you are on a different service provider. You don’t necessarily have the same service as your neighbor in certain spots of the Valley,” Knight said.

When a home loses power, the search is on for the source of the problem.

“You might see a truck roll by and wonder why they are not stopping to get your power back on,” Knight explained. “The source of the problem might be a mile or so down the road and also they are trying to reach a spot where there is a large number of people out. The priority that we put on outages this time of year are large-scale events that we want to try to get as many people back on at once, we will keep going until we get them all back on. "

SVEC officials remind members to stay safe during the winter weather, never try to clear powerlines of debris and always keep a home outage kit ready.

For more information on reporting power outages to SVEC, click here.

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