Drivers and residents manage road backups and icy conditions

Published: Jan. 4, 2022 at 5:23 PM EST
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AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) - Backups and closures on Interstate 95 continue to affect the commonwealth widely.

One James Madison University graduate is unable to leave his house because snow plows can’t navigate the crowded interstate. On top of that, Craig Allison said his power has been out since Monday morning.

“We were about to go out with a truck to see if we could get some more gas. We did our own little research off our phones, and we couldn’t find anywhere that was open and selling gas, so we’re still stuck essentially,” Allison said.

He graduated from JMU last month and lives in Fredericksburg now. They’re able to stay warm, but it’s taken some creativity.

“For the time being, we’ve been using a generator to occasionally cycle through some power every now and then,” Allison said.

Since his vehicle isn’t equipped for snow, he can’t make it to town. Overall, he’s optimistic it will be over soon.

“The snow seems to be melting with the temperatures now, at least, so hopefully by tomorrow they’ll be a lot more traversable in terms of, like, cars that don’t have four wheel drive,” he said.

Shenandoah Trucking, a local trucking company, has had to navigate closed and icy roads as well.

“When we came in yesterday, it was easy for us to nitpick which things in Virginia were definitely not going to happen because once you got past Winchester on 81, everything was pretty clear. Now, 64, of course, was pretty bad and trees were going down and they’re actually still down today,” said Nichole Heinrich with Shenandoah Trucking.

She said many deliveries in areas like Mount Jackson and Waynesboro had to be pushed back. That means they’re having to deal with rescheduling, and they’ve got two drivers out with COVID-19.

“Two years ago when there was no pandemic and snow, it was just ok, we’ll reschedule for the next day. We don’t have as many of our local drivers to help with getting those loads rescheduled and moved,” Heinrich said.

Heinrich said a Shenandoah Trucking driver had to take a break off I-64 since there were so many downed trees, but no drivers have been directly affected by I-95 backups.

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