Community Care Ministry helps bring food to communities in need

Published: Jan. 17, 2022 at 9:49 AM EST
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In an effort to help more children get the food they need for the week, the Salvation Army has partnered with businesses like Target and Costco to host the Community Care Ministry.

Every Tuesday night, the group visits communities in need throughout the Valley. With the help of volunteers, they set up tables filled with food, like meat and canned goods. Parents and children can visit and pick out the food they want and need.

The Salvation Army says this weekly event is so important, especially for families that are unable to travel to their main office.

“Being able to be here and to bring a meal. You can see it on their faces when they pick up that food that it’s probably an answered prayer, but it’s a welcome gesture,” said Captain Eunice Gitau of the Salvation Army.

Harrisonburg City Schools are helping the Salvation Army to locate the communities most in need.

“This is part of our backpack program, our backpack coalition in the Harrisonburg City Schools. This is a great way to diversify. Most of the time our backpacks are bags that go home with children, but as children get a little older they are a little more self-conscious about that. These pantries, this mobile pantry going out into the community in these neighborhoods, it reaches a whole different group of kids,” said Tamara Grant, a community volunteer.

The Salvation Army says they are always looking for volunteers. You can give them a call at (540) 434-4854 or visit their website here.

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