Local farms prepare for frigid temperatures

Published: Jan. 26, 2022 at 5:01 PM EST
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SWOOPE, Va. (WHSV) - Farmers around the Valley are taking precautions to keep their animals safe when temperatures fall so far below freezing.

Polyface Farm in Swoope makes sure their animals are kept warm by keeping their chickens and pigs in heated hoop houses as well as keeping their cows on deep bedding for them to lay in.

While farmers do what they can to keep their animals warm, most animals are able to do that for themselves.

“The nice things about animals is they do have fur and wool and all sorts of things, and so the main thing is to keep them dry and out of the breeze,” said Joel Salatin, co-owner of the family-owned Polyface Farm. “If they can keep out of the breeze and not get wet, they can generally do pretty well.”

Salatin adds that a lot of the animals like to crowd up together so that their body heat keeps them warm as well.

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