Timberville man celebrates 60 years of work at Rocking R

Published: Feb. 7, 2022 at 6:52 AM EST
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If you have been to Rocking R Hardware in Harrisonburg, you’ve probably seen him around. 82-year-old Mr. Donald Lee, or as everyone calls him “Pee Wee”, is celebrating 60 years of work.

“Our customers are great, I mean a lot of them are farmers, a lot of ladies come in here after products. We’ve got the reputation of being able to help people,” said Pee Wee.

For the past 60 years, Pee Wee has been working around the valley at different milling and hardware facilities.

“I started in 1962 February the 5th at Timberville. It’s been a good road all the way,” said Pee Wee.

For the past few years, Pee Wee has run the registers, worked the floor and helped the receiving line in the back.

Pee Wee calls his coworkers his family and the love for them trly shows.

“It’s family around here. You know we kid, and cut up and then sometimes we get serious, but it’s a good working environment,” said Pee Wee.

Pee Wee has battled cancer for the past 20 years and lost his wife a few years ago, but despite all that, he plans to keep working.

“I’m not going to retire now. I’m going to keep working,” said Pee Wee.

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