Pepsi-Cola Student Athlete of the Week: Ramsey Corbin

Published: Feb. 16, 2022 at 11:06 PM EST
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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) - Ramsey Corbin is an exceptional senior at Fort Defiance High School.

“I’ve always been curious about the use of psychedelics in therapy. Psilocybin should be considered by addiction specialists as it can lead to cessation in tobacco-addicted patients,” said Corbin.

For his senior capstone project, Corbin is conducting research at the intersection of medication and therapy. He has always been fascinated with the human mind... including his own.

“Running has been a stress reliever for me throughout high school. Whenever I would feel stressed, I would run up and down my driveway,” he said.

For Corbin, this method of alleviating stress has led to multiple state titles in indoor and outdoor track. This past fall, Corbin placed third in the state in cross country.

“Hard work pays off. If you put in the work during practice, it will show during races.”

According to assistant indoor track coach Russell Wheeler, Corbin has become a role model for his teammates.

“I couldn’t ask for a better young man. I have watched him mature as a runner. He’s a quiet leader and leads by example,” said Wheeler.

When Corbin is not winning state titles or conducting research, he reads Russian literature. He also enjoys The Lord of the Rings.

“Books are such a great escape from everything; they are so immersive,” added Corbin.

Corbin’s signature discipline and keen analysis translate into his work in the classroom.

“He really thinks about the ideas that he wants to express. Perhaps that comes from the time he spends as a distance runner, in his own little world. He knows how to tap into that mental space,” said English teacher Ron Witherow.

With a 4.2 GPA, Corbin will be attending the University of Virginia this fall, where he plans to study psychology.

“He’s going to be a star at Virginia,” said Witherow.

The local community will continue to follow Witherow as he excels on and off the track during his final year at Fort Defiance High School.

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