Cybersecurity experts urge public to remain vigilant amid tensions overseas

Published: Mar. 1, 2022 at 5:58 PM EST
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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) - With tensions rising overseas, cybersecurity experts are urging the public to remain vigilant in the virtual space.

“Often in our work places, we are working with people remotely and many of us even find ourselves with teams that are based with overseas staff. We know that anyone can knock on our door when it comes to cyberspace,” Ian MacRae, founder of E-N Computers, said.

Amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many experts are calling for caution when online in the U.S.

Oran Dillon says the average person may encounter someone trying to solicit money for a charity or family member.

“If you get a message from somebody, looking to donate to some kind of charity, check the charity out independently, first. Do not click the link that is in the message. Do not click the link that is on the phone or the email. Go to the site directly,” Dillon added.

Dillon is the principal cybersecurity engineer for the AIS Network. He says while customers or businesses may not be impacted directly, the supply chain may be affected.

“This is not just a mom-and-pop small business kind of thing, this could be impactful all the way up the line,” Dillon said.

“We have to be very aware of that first type of threat, somebody could be tricking us. If you work a sensitive job where you might have access to critical infrastructure. That could even be the local water plants or working at the local power grid. A lot of security breaches happen,” MacRae added.

Both experts say if you notice anything out of the ordinary, like someone asking for financial information or passwords, reach out for help right away.

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