Gov. Youngkin proposes gas tax holiday, Del. Hudson and AAA discuss

Gas pump (FILE)
Gas pump (FILE)(WVIR)
Published: Mar. 17, 2022 at 5:19 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - More expensive oil along with higher demand for gas are a combination that hits everyone in the wallet.

“Even before the war between Russia and Ukraine started, crude oil prices were already very high this year,” AAA Mid-Atlantic Manager Public and Government Affairs Morgan Dean said.

Recent costs are the pump are impacted by high demand and low supply.

“We know drivers want to see some relief at the pumps and we think they deserve it,” Dean said.

26 cents of every regular gallon you buy goes to state taxes, an additional 18 cents goes to Washington.

“The tax on gas typically funds transportation. So not just the roads that everybody drives on, but increasingly a lot of the transit that we’re going to use to confront climate change and make our shift toward more electric vehicles and more public transit. So we all use it whether or not we use gas,” 57th District Delegate Sally Hudson said.

Governor Youngkin wants to suspend the state tax until July 2022 before slowly re-introducing it by August. Hudson says she thinks it’s a tough call to make and believes it may not do much.

“North Carolina’s gas tax has been higher than Virginia’s for a very long time, and we pay pretty much the same for gasoline. So if we cut the gas tax, there’s a good chance that that money will go to the gas companies and not to Virginia drivers,” Hudson said.

The final decision is up to the General Assembly.

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