West Virginia pastor opens new community center

Published: Mar. 21, 2022 at 6:28 AM EDT
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Franklin, WV (WHSV) -

It’s a full-circle moment for Pastor Jason Boggs. He first opened his church 4 years ago in Franklin, West Virginia on Easter weekend. Now, he plans to open his newest community center on April 17 on Easter weekend again.

“To me, it’s a partnership with God and with the community to be able to serve in a better way,” said Jason Boggs, the pastor at Reedming Grace church in Brandywine.

The community center is being housed in the old Franklin Elementary School. It has not had students in it for over 9 years, but back in January, Boggs bought the place to transform it into something to help the area.

“My biggest part is just to be able to help people. You know really reach out to these kids, give them something to look forward to. I hope to combat teen suicide and not just that, but also try to get away from people that are steering towards drugs and help them find that there is something better in life to do,” said Boggs.

Since then, the school has completely transformed. With the help of multiple volunteers in the community, all of the carpet and tile have been replaced. They are also in the process of painting all the walls.

”We have taken out a lot of the debris that was throughout the facility. Made it a lot cleaner. We are working on getting areas for arcade rooms so that kids can come in and have fun and teens don’t have to roam the streets and everything like that,” said Boggs.

Boggs plans to have all sorts of things at the center like a teen area where kids can play games and focus on their studies. He also plans to have areas for homeless people to log onto the internet to apply for work.

”You know we will have a clothing ministry here so anybody that needs free clothing can get free clothing. We will have a food pantry, so if they’re hungry we will hook them up for free. You know everything, my goal is to be able to have donations to fund this place to where we can do everything absolutely free,” said Boggs.

Pastor Boggs still says they need a lot of help to fix the place up before their Easter weekend opening. You can reach out to them through their Facebook page to sign up.

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